It’s funny how online friendships work: you meet, you connect, you chatter on with the assumption that your cyber pals will be there forever. But then sometimes they vanish.

So perhaps I’m not alone in my glee as I notice that CM reader Daria is back to posting her thoughts again! Daria! When you stopped faithfully posting some six months ago, I feared you’d been in a car accident or something. About a month into your absence, I told my editor that I was thinking of quitting because writing ChatteringMind just wasn’t as fun without you. Eventually, I patched myself up and soldiered on, but I dearly missed you and am thrilled you’ve returned. Where were you? May I ask? Pray, don’t tell me you drifted over to Slate or Salon! Or LiteraryMama, VeganLunchBox, or any other great site! Welcome back. (And grateful thanks to Barb, Julie, Shelley, Laurie Sue, and all others who post regularly.)

Here’s a cute web page of poems written by regular people about their cyber friends.
I couldn’t find the right one for you, but the page is still worth mentioning. It’s always amazing to find out what’s out there, see how its written, and savor its intensity.

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