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Calling spiritually-inclined parents and members of mixed faith households: You’ll be interested in an article I just wrote for Beliefnet’s “Spiritual Parenting Week” package. They called it “A Christian Mom Makes a Bar Mitzvah,” and it’s about how I have …Read More

Out of last month’s Virginia Tech shootings comes the call for “pure bliss consciousness,” or more precisely, the teaching of a meditation method that can help young people believe in themselves, and stand up for non-violence. Filmmaker David Lynch planned …Read More

The New York Times magazine published an amusing exchange between interviewer Deborah Solomon and Def Jam Records co-founder Russell Simmons yesterday that points to the general public’s confusion about the difference between meditation and relaxation (just doing something pleasurable). When …Read More

I always think that sleeping is in a way a “small death.” Hence every night we face a “small death;” all these small deaths train us for the “big death,” and we thereby gain knowledge of how to die. –excerpted …Read More

This morning I popped a free-range chicken from the food co-op into a 350-degree oven thinking I’d serve it to my kids tonight for dinner. I just salted it, threw a clean apple inside it to keep it moist, and …Read More

If you are orally fixated or someone who likes to fidget and chew at your desk, you are in luck! I have discovered the pleasures of chewing real licorice sticks. Sweet, hard, good for the teeth and filled with subtle …Read More

Andrew Sullivan has a good blog post about how gay men might lift masculinity out of its macho template. He quotes The Agonist’s managing editor Ian Welsh who separates male behavior into the “good” and the “toxic.” Are the men …Read More

Thanks to Mackenzie Sala’s wedding blog “Something Old, Something New” for alerting us to the existence of these exceedingly sweet wedding cake toppers made by artist Ann Wood. Even if you’re not getting married, you’ll find “Something Old, Something New” …Read More

The Association for Global New Thought has a wonderful website that alerts those with a multi-faith (all-one) mindset to worthy world peace initiatives. Have a look. Click on “Leaders” to read about the group’s co-founder Michael Bernard Beckwith, director of …Read More

Annie Berthold-Bond, the “Green Heloise,” includes great tips for keeping your closets moth free in her most recent newsletter (which you can sign up for here). Here’s how to make your own non-toxic, moth repelling sachets: INGREDIENTS 2 ounces each …Read More