“Elmo” recently suggested in a post that “New-Agey spirituality” might not lend itself to compelling ideas or strong writing. I sat on this for a few days a little defensively ’cause it stirred old painful questions for me as to whether or not I personally will always struggle with stating my views decisively, with real authority. In fact, I used to have a recurring dream as a young girl in which I was a pioneer in a settlement, hiding behind a tree, as bullets and arrows flew around me. Native Americans were attacking us, and another settler kept crying out, “Come out, come out, Amy, and fight for your country!”

I just kept trembling, sobbing, and shaking my head “No.”

Sort of a scene from my childhood living room, frankly.

So what do you guys believe? Do strong commitments to specific viewpoints create the best religious commentary? Strong viewpoints and good arguments certainly make for better television. Is there another way to relate? Are we doing that?

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