NPR’s “All Things Considered” aired a piece yesterday about an artist named Lisa Bufano who dances without fingers or feet.

That’s right, when Bufano was 21, a staph bacteria infection cut off blood flow to her extremities, and doctors had to amputate them. So now she performs as she is, who she is, and she’s great at it. Click here to read NPR’s article about Bufano’s life and deepest ambitions. On the same page, you’ll find video links (you’ll need Real Player) to her recent dance performance “Five Open Mouths.” (I find the second of the three offered the most moving, but the third is good too.)

“I want to be seen as attractive and beautiful and sexy like everyone else,” Bufano tells NPR. “But I think that in my artwork, for me, it’s trying to find some comfort with being everything a human can be.”

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