Chattering Mind

The other afternoon, I was walking in Manhattan and the large handbag I carry everywhere suddenly felt incredibly heavy. Oh God, what was in there anyway? I’d been out all day. So I opened my bag and peered in. Aooohhh… scary. It’s pretty cluttered in there. So I started to dig and then to my amazement out came a fourteen-inch-long stainless steel gardening trowel with a heavy handle that I’d purchased four full days earlier to do some digging in our back garden. It must weigh two pounds.

Upon realizing this, I stopped in the middle of the city sidewalk, waved my trowel, and laughed outloud.

Isn’t it amazing how quickly we take on new weight and accommodate to it?

At least I noticed. I think there have been times in my life when I just would have just soldiered on.


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