Chattering Mind

“It took me an hour to turn the clocks back an hour, coordinating all the watches and digital alarm clocks and oven clock and kitchen clock and car clocks to Central Standard Time, during which a man starts to question the entire concept of promptitude, meetings, appointments, etc., which leads to thoughts of retirement, the End of the Trail, Old Paint, the part of your life when it doesn’t matter so much if it’s 9:30 or 10:05, or even if it’s Tuesday or Saturday, when you drift along as most mammals do, eating when hungry, sleeping when sleepy, and meeting whoever you meet whenever you meet them.”

Everything Keillor writes has a luscious, golden lustre. This is pulled from the beginning of a recent article on retirement published by Remember that you can get Keillor’s marvelous “Writer’s Almanac” broadcasts emailed to you daily through

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