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Yesterday I stumbled across “40 Facts About Sleep You Probably Didn’t Know (Or Were Too Tired to Think About)” from the National Sleep Research Project in Australia. Here are some of my faves–and things I in fact did not know …Read More

After a long day yesterday, I stopped at ABC Carpet & Home, a mecca of pretty, pricey, spiritual things. Buzzing past all of the crystals and Marys and Buddhas, I went straight for the bodycare wall. The eco- and toxin-conscious …Read More

Ok, it’s not just the scrumptious body oil that wows me, it’s the amazing Gifts of Compassion at ABC Carpet & Home’s store and website. Many orgs offer a similar donation-as-gift program, but none have such diverse offerings–or packages for …Read More

“True charity only occurs when there are no notions of giving, giver, or gift.” –Buddha From the book “Good Karma: How to Find It and Keep It”. By Valerie Reiss. Amy’s on vacation.

It always amazes me when the word—or symbol for—”peace” upsets people. A couple in Pagosa Springs, Colo. was recently told by a community association to remove a peace sign-shaped wreath from outside their house, reports The New York Times, lest …Read More

Just wanted to spread this far and wide. This week’s cover story in the Village Voice is about the link between 9/11 and blood cancers, especially Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. That’s what I just recovered from. My exposure to Ground Zero was …Read More

Really great article in this week’s New York magazine, “The Science of Burnout” by Jennifer Senior. The subhead alone speaks volumes: “In a culture where work can be a religion, burnout is its crisis of faith.” It’s about how burnout—that …Read More

If you have a modern-ish sensibility and live in an apartment or a small-scale house, you may love this blog as much as I do. Apartment has been my haunt for the last two years or so for home-related …Read More

As her post-“Artist’s Way” work has seemed more and more recycled, one thing I still love about Julia Cameron’s books is the little quotes she puts in the margins. I’m always happy to dip into these bite-sized, short-attention-span founts of …Read More

My name is Valerie and I’m a Satya-holic. As often as I can afford (only a few times a year, really), I go to Satya, a wonderful “yoga-inspired” jewelry store. I walk across the slate floors and gaze at lotuses …Read More