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Next Tuesday’s Election Day planetary “aspects” between Mercury in retrograde and Neptune (which can have secretive, deceptive characteristics) will deliver shenanigans and voting irregularities, says astrologer Shelley Ackerman. One difference between now and 2000, however, is that feisty Mars comes …Read More

I avoid worrying about cold and flu season and don’t get flu shots, but scoll down here and watch this film about a positive-thinking approach I’ve never tried that looks like fun (yeah, okay Brian, tear me up for this): …Read More

Wherever he is, I hope Harland Sanders is proud of his restaurant chain for promising to make the expensive switch to a non-hydrogenated frying oil for its famous chicken this week. Kentucky Fried Chicken’s corporate leaders yielded to consumer pressure …Read More

Sorry, some humane agencies are afraid they’ll be used in satanic ritual sacrifices. Other animal shelters argue that such a restriction only reinforces the black cat’s negative image. Photo by Lorelei

“If it’s food, love it. If it’s cocaine, love it. If it’s painkillers, love them. If it’s cigarettes, love them. These are some of your greatest teachers. They’ve taught you through direct experience what it is that you no longer …Read More

“I was a ‘holistic mom’ (and proud of it) 17 years ago,” writes reader Sierra. “Midwife, late/no immunizations, homemade baby food, and, of course, breastfeeding. As a more mature parent now, I know that all moms want the best for …Read More

I tuned into Rachel Ray’s TV show for about twenty minutes yesterday as I was doing the dishes. I’d never watched it before. She was giving cooking instructions to three sporty guys in the habit of gathering weekly to watch …Read More

The eldest Chattering boy slammed the car door on a left-hand finger right outside school this morning. He was in terrible pain. The cure here is usually a huge hug from Mom, ice, and the homeopathic remedy Hypericum (a highly-diluted …Read More

But does it brew coffee? Here’s a nice essay on waking up gently by Sarvananda Bluestone, author of “The World Dream Book: Use the Wisdom of World Cultures to Uncover Your Dream Power.”

Thanks to my old pal Alan Pell Crawford, now a regular contributor to Vegetarian Times, for alerting us all this month to a legislative effort supported by food industry companies to nulify many state laws regulating food safety by imposing …Read More