Do you work in a place where deadlines aren’t respected and coworkers complain about management behind closed doors? Does every morning pep talk get ridiculed at lunch? Do you ever feel as though there’s a sameness to everything and that your work life is oddly reminiscent of your days at home as a kid? Even if you’ve worked like crazy to get into a “conscious,” passionate romantic relationship (thanks in part to the many great books on love and sex), do you still spend your office hours lapsing into unconscious, neurotic resentments?

“Conscious Business” author Fred Kofman can help you align your career with your highest aspirations–even if your workplace functions decently and you are already spiritually alert. Raised in politically troubled Argentina in the 1960s, Kofman credits his peoples’ cheery refusal to acknowledge governmental corruption with giving him a keen understanding of duplicitious business settings. Kofman believes that too much emotional pain is triggered by failed projects, missed communications, and bad relationships at the office stemming from “unconscious,” unanalyzed patterns you can break through with the practice of mindfulness.

Kofman teaches how to meld Eastern philosophy and business relationship skills. And fear not–if you get pangs of that oh-I-can’t-change-my-workplace-by-myself feeling, the newly released “Conscious Business: How to Build Value Through Values” CD set is a wonderful thing to share with your coworkers. You’ll find your new mindset wonderfully infectious. Kofman’s lectures contain really thrilling material, impressive in that it could help huge numbers of people embrace fulfillment through meaningful work.

Here’s an interview with Kofman I think you’ll enjoy.

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