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Earlier this week, I worked five hours–from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m.–at a well-run local soup kitchen. I made about 30 gallons of soup with three other people, washed a heap of cherry tomatoes, and made a quart of salad …Read More

Part of one’s spiritual journey involves confronting spiritual materialism. What is that, you may ask? Is it acquiring the hottest mat and outfit for your yoga practice? Lusting for a fancy spa in California? Festooning your neck and wrists with …Read More

“Depression, loneliness, and insecurity are tangible experiences that can be improved. But if you seek to reach God or enlightenment because you want to stop being depressed or anxious, if you want greater self-esteem or less loneliness, your search may …Read More

Today’s New York Times has a New Yorky take on what’s happening in the homes of those who want their children to eat highly healthy food, but whose careers necessitate employing babysitters who may not share their whole foods philosophy. …Read More

Tomorrow, we’ll discuss Spiritual Materialism. Today, we’ll attend to three new products in the most recent Isabella catalog. Labels for your water bottles: Put love in every sip by placing a sticker with the word LOVE on your water container! …Read More

Sure, it’s in my diet. But I’m pursuing less soy these days. Articles like this one have convinced me.

Click here to watch Swami Beyondananda (a.k.a. comic/activist Steve Bhaerman) talk about how “being in the now is the wave of the future.” This guy is interesting. Before he embraced comedy, Bhaerman wrote books and founded an alternative high school …Read More

If you know anyone getting married in the next year or contemplting marriage, send them to Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway’s Wedding Goddess Wisdom weblog, a font of good advice on how to soak in all the blessings to your union …Read More

Since we were on the subject of God and amputees yesterday, you might be uplifted by Beliefnet’s homepage article about the faith of disabled people and their families. Be sure not to miss Lilit Marcus’s piece on her life with …Read More

Thanks to faithful reader Pacific231 for this response to our conversation about sending love to bullies and other irritating people: “I strongly believe that feeling compassion for a bully must not translate into martyrdom… A very recent Buddhist book on …Read More