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Check out Michael Shermer’s article “Who Believes in God–and Why?” An excerpt: In sum, being female and raised by religious parents in a large family appears to make one more religious, whereas being male, educated, in conflict with one’s parents, …Read More

I found the following gratitude meditation on a Rudolf Steiner website. It was written by Dennis Klocek, a teacher of “Consciousness Studies” at Rudolf Steiner College who also runs the weather forecasting system at “When I pump gasoline into …Read More

Phoenix Soleil is probably swamped with work right now. But I’m telling you about her anyway since she represents a kind sensibility that is somewhat unusual in the computer biz. Her gentle approach to home-and-office computer tech support got her …Read More

Find everything you ever wanted or needed to know about the healing powers of the honey bee at Photo by Sarah Macmillan

Have you ever wondered what to do with those raw cacao beans you purchased at the health food store? Remember, those little brown beans of totally unprocessed chocolate that you then gagged on at home because they were so bitter? …Read More

I very much like the fact that the New York Times has hired a fragrance reviewer to contribute real journalism on the subject of scent. After years of being pretty primitive when it came to essential oils and fragrances (and …Read More

Don’t rush out to get married after midnight in Las Vegas, Nevada anymore. Law changes this week force those dying to tie the knot to wait until the morning to get hitched. It’s sort of like a gun law, I …Read More

Today, I tried on my first pair of Masai Barefoot Technology shoes–the next big thing for your legs and feet, said to mimic the motion of walking barefoot on the beach. Corporate literature claims that wearing these sneaker-like sabots reduces …Read More

It was only a matter of time before the ritual of lighting Jewish sabbath candles was put online. Chabad Lubavitch recently launched, a site that encourages women everywhere to say the Jewish blessing over candles 18 minutes before each …Read More

I’ve written two semi-humorous posts on basement and closet de-cluttering in the last week. Some of you took my tone seriously, others knew I was kidding somewhat. A lot has been written on this subject. And yet, many of our …Read More