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“All sober inquirers after truth, ancient and modern, pagan and Christian, have declared that the happiness of man, as well as his dignity, consists in virtue. Confucius, Zoroaster, Socrates, Mahomet, not to mention authorities really sacred, have agreed in this.” …Read More

I recently picked up at the health food store a copy of a 50-page periodical called “Green Teacher: Education for Planet Earth,” and I’ve decided that since it’s summer and we’re all capable of dreaming about how the next school …Read More

Everyone should have a pal like my nutritionally-hip friend Myra. She’s the one who introduced me to the whole grain farrow. Yesterday, she gave me a bag of nutritional yeast flakes (“the full complement of B vitamins,” Myra says, great …Read More

I don’t know if you’re actually following this, but it is interesting to note that outgoing “The View” co-host Star Jones Reynolds and incoming co-host Rosie O’Donnell were born just three days apart in March of 1962. I get this …Read More

I live near a Botanical Garden that contains beautifully landscaped acres of Shakespearean herbs, a rolling creek, a lily pond, and a Japanese meditation area with a small temple. Turtles, koi, and ducks swim in the pond. If I still …Read More

Gee, you readers are great, and so generous with great links and suggestions. Write me more, let’s interact (spiritual material does not get as much of a written response from Beliefnet members as political talk, but I don’t know why …Read More

The May-June issue of “Mothering” has a good article on baby-parent attachment and the pernicious influence of those baby car seats thought to be nifty since you can tote your child around everywhere in them, from car to store to …Read More

I’ve been working hard to build my internal iron reserves in the last few weeks by discovering dietary iron sources I never knew about (Royal Jelly has just been recommended to me, have you ever tried it?). I also give …Read More

Thanks to Eevie Keys who sent us this link to her favorite cat humor site, good for any moment you need a little lift (don’t send PETA after me for this, though). Thanks also to Erik, who reminded us that …Read More

“How can you live in the Northeast? How can you live in the South? How can you build on the banks of a river when the flood water pours from the mouth? How can you be a Christian? How can …Read More