“During Gemini’s transit, the Sun sails toward its northernmost limit on the horizon. North is a cardinal direction which in many cultures represents “knowledge and wisdom”—and so your journey in Gemini is also towards gaining more knowledge. Gemini takes us to the Summer Solstice (June 21), when the Sun slows to an imperceptible pace. That’s what ‘solstice’ means—to stand still. Gemini, as the last month of spring, brings us to this cardinal turning point, when summer officially begins and the Sun turns southward again, to retrace its steps along the horizon line. As the days lengthen in Gemini, let your mind also stretch and soar. Reach for new information, enjoy stimulating conversations, and take your curiosity everywhere.”

–by Dana Gerhardt, in an article published in the most recent issue of “Moon Circles.”

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