“I sometimes wish you were more of a religious teacher,” I once told a therapist I’d been seeing for years.

“My own children have said the same thing,” he said. Then I think he chuckled softly.

Today, many more psychotherapists are acquainting themselves with life’s spiritual dimension in spite of their training. Times have changed, and the realms of psychotherapy and spirituality are cross-pollinating!

That’s why I’m ecstatically gleeful to introduce you to the audio downloads at Shrink Rap Radio! Here, you’ll find psychologist David Van Nuys’s fascinating conversations with a crew of highly regarded psychologists and psychiatrists interested in spirituality, parapsychology, healing, and higher consciousness. This morning, for instance, I listened to a wonderful interview on Shrink Rap with renowned psychologist Charlie Tart, who was among the group of curious researchers who first wrote about the spiritual characteristics of psychedelic drug use in the 1960s. Today, Tart wants to know more about the altered states of consciousness achieved through meditation. A godfather of the New Age movement, Tart also edits an archive of hard-to-explain, “transcendent” moments experienced by scientists.

Shrink Rap has other interviews with marvelous titles like: “The Impact of Spiritual Transformation on Healing from Serious Illness,” and “Shamanic Psychology.” By all means, check it out!

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