Brooklyn-based, internationally-known Feng Shui teacher Nancy SantoPietro recently sent the following invitation to those interested in studying what she calls “Chakracology,” a healing method she created that combines shining colored light on the body with music and sound to heal and re-direct stuck energy. Of more general interest to CM readers, perhaps, is the language she uses in her note to convey her enthusiasm for the times in which we live (which many people find more than a tad depressing). Tell me what you think of her assessment:

Calling All Lightworkers
The past few years have been very challenging times on the planet! Since the Paradigm Shift that occurred in 2000, there have been several very exciting planetary events that have allowed for a massive influx of “light” to enter the planet. As this infusion of light enters the planet, it is also entering our bodies (Chakras), our homes (Feng Shui) and changing the vibrational frequency of our DNA! This unprecedented increase of solar light energy is bringing with it many new opportunities for us to transmute old paradigms and release all the things that we have been working on so hard and so long to change.

This is a Wonderful Time to be on The Planet!
This light is also bringing us the energetic opportunity to rework our lives at a very accelerated speed, rapidly changing the way we think, feel, love and manifest the things we desire! For some, this transmutation process can create much personal (and global) chaos, especially during the period just before the new higher vibration and energy patterns set in. Relationships, finances, careers, spiritual concepts and personal desires are all in flux, causing much confusion for those who desire to make changes but lack the clarity needed on which direction to take. To further complicate matters, many of the healers, Feng Shui consultants and other lightworkers we have traditionally turned to for clarity, advice and support are also being impacted by this shift, feeling confused and without their own sense of direction. Although this may feel scary and ungrounding at first, it is the beginning of the “greatest period of time on the planet”!

Do you believe what she’s saying? Would you go so far to say that the next thirty-five years will be the most exciting in human history?

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