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Don’t sign important documents, or initiate large-scale projects for the next three weeks! Vedic astrologer James Kelleher has this to say in his newsletter about the Mercury Retrograde period we will remain in through March 25th. Interesting that this period encompasses a big chunk of Lent!

“In this particular case, Mercury will spend nearly all of its transit in the constellation of Purva Bhadrapada…This constellation is symbolized by a funeral cot and is associated with various negative events related to death. On the other hand, its shakti is the power to elevate spiritual awareness, so it is also one of the most spiritually-inclined of all the nakshatras.”

In other words:

“This period is an excellent time for looking inward and contemplating your mortality. Although this may sound a bit morbid, various religions, such as Buddhism and Jainism recommend the contemplation of death to their adherents for the simple reason that it makes you remember that life is both short and fragile. Part of the contemplation involves a reassessment of what is important in life. When you think about it, our time on planet earth is really very brief, so it is only common sense that we periodically reevaluate how we are using our time. Combined with the Solar Eclipse in Uttara Bhadrapada on March 29, Mercury’s retrograde phase becomes a powerful one for promoting spiritual awareness. It is also an excellent time for taking action to relieve human suffering through acts of charity and through prayer.”

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