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My moments of gratitude may come just before sleep, but for others gratitude often finds a different time to take over. Take CM reader Daria, who sinks into thankfulness while swimming her morning laps. The physical act of pushing through …Read More

Mercury is always in retrograde. It’s probably retrograding right now. At least it seems that way. While the fickle nature of the gray planet is an excellent justification for a bad hair day or a bad day at the office …Read More

Stepping in for Amy Cunningham this week is the amazing Marisa Lowenstein, an NYC-based writer whose work has appeared in Natural Health, Travel + Leisure Family and

In my ongoing battle to introduce my fiancé to the bliss of healthy eating, I am occasionally granted a small victory. The Superfoods Rx Salad is one of them. Incredibly simple to assemble, this dish is also one of the …Read More

Halfway through last night’s viewing of “The New Medicine”, I wondered if the producers at PBS had chosen the best title for this documentary about mind-body health. Introduced by the heroic (and now angelic) Dana Reeve, “New Medicine” covers the …Read More

My hands are in prayer position. They start at my third eye, graze my nose, pausing at my mouth before landing in front of my heart. Then I place my palms on the floor in front of my feet and …Read More

I use a simple one-two-three, one-two-three, while P’s more of the slow-quick-quick-slow type. We’re taking dance lessons. We’re working on a fox trot/swing combo. We’re supposed to dazzle the wedding guests with our grace and agility. But as of yesterday—lesson …Read More

Depending on the day, I’m slightly to extremely obsessed with Thailand. The first three months of 2006 have been dedicated to the Land of Smiles–I’m all about curries and rice noodles and creamy Thai iced teas. I even bought a …Read More

Buy a box of Entenmann’s assorted doughnuts (powdered, plain, chocolate). Place them on your counter. Watch what happens. Humans are magnetically attracted to doughnuts. Especially when they’re in a blue-and-white box that reminds us of childhood. P dropped them in …Read More

“The cure to combat the three S’s–stress, strain and speed–can be found in the three W’s–the work of devoted practice, the wisdom that comes from understanding the self and the world and worship. Because ultimately surrendering what we cannot control …Read More