One Source Publications has recently released a book-CD combination called “Do-It-Yourself Space Clearing Kit: Working With Nature to Enhance the Energies of Your Home,” and the author Christan Hummel has some nice ideas for energetically clearing your residence for the new year.

She writes:

The start of a new year presents an opportunity to turn our attention to the energetic remnants lingering from the past. While many ceremonies are good for this (a ceremony of writing down on paper the things you are releasing and putting them in the fire, for instance), what we often fail to consider is that each home or property has an energetic being that is the record-keeper of the land. And THEY need to be cleared of their past vibrational imprints as well!

While the devic realms of nature are neutral, accepting imprints and “programs” just like your computer, they also continue to store those programs until cleared or freed from that commitment. It is like clearing the hard drive of your computer. If someone owned the computer before you, this is one of the first things you would do…

Here’s how she suggests you release the “deva” of your home from negativity, sadness or other past programs (yours or someone else’s).

1. Go into an inner space in which you feel your connection with the Divine within.

2. Turn your attention to the Angel of the Property (the deva, or record-keeper for the land).

3. It doesn’t matter if you see the deva, or feel it, this process will work regardless. Now state to the deva: “I hereby release you from any previous vows, commitments, thought-forms or programs from the past which no longer serve the loving Will of the Mother or Divine Father at this time. We ask for the assistance of the Angelic realms to clear the land of any past programs.”

4. If you like, you can also…request the assistance of the violet flame to help clear these old programs. Do this by imagining that a flame of violet light is sweeping throughout the entire property and cleansing and clearing it from programs that are no longer useful.

5. Offer a prayer of thanks for it having been done.

6. Now close your session…by ringing a bell, burning some sage, or incense, or doing a bow, whatever has meaning for you. It helps imprint the intent on the subconscious mind if we do something in the physical.

You could adapt this ritual to fit your own faith.

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