Must read! Must read! Do not miss the interview on “co-creational” sex with “futurist and social architect” Barbara Marx Hubbard still accessible on the website “What Is Enlightenment?”.

Everybody knows that the sexual heat of a youthful relationship is one of life’s greatest thrills. But what is the role of sex later in marriage? Hubbard feels that the marital union offers man and woman the hope of completing themselves. This is such innovative thinking.

“In evolutionary sexuality, or what I call ‘co-creational sex,’ ” says Marx, “rather than… engaging in intimacy and sexual pleasure for recreation, the sacredness of the intimacy is compelled by a vision of the couple evolving through their union. In that sense, evolutionary sexuality is comparable in its sacredness to procreational sex. While nature’s purpose is to reproduce the species through procreation, in co-creational sex, we are using the sexual impulse to evolve the species for the highest purpose.”

“…Regenopause happens when the woman gets so turned on to her creativity and her life purpose that it starts to activate her at the cellular level. When an increased spiritual desire to participate in evolution crosses over into the aging process, it sends a signal that says, ‘We’re not finished, folks. We’re not ready to go yet. It would be a waste of evolutionary time to die now because look what it took to get us here!'”

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