Changing Channels

Tim Tebow has had plenty of ups and downs this season with wins and losses, good passes and poor passes, fans and critics alike.

Talk about steady and unflappable though … his great attitude keeps Tebow moving forward … quite literally.

The Broncos weren’t supposed to make the playoffs, never mind beat the once mighty Pittsburgh Steelers … but Denver did just that Sunday.

Tim Tebow

It doesn’t even seem to matter how Tebow fares against the already legendary Tom Brady and the Patriots in their next playoff game this weekend.

Tebow is already a winner because he is full with the spirit of Christ in him, something that even so-called agnostics and atheists seem to sense and even ADMIRE.

There’s something special about this guy Tebow and something he has that “WE” want.

Count Brady among those who is missing that something, and that’s not a criticism AT ALL.

The man with three Super Bowl titles, a model wife and millions of dollars asked a 60 Minutes reporter “Is that all there is?” (an interview replayed at Christian rock concerts, by the way).

No Tom, it isn’t.

Funny, Tim Tebow  recently said he could learn a lot from Tom Brady.

Seems to me, the reverse is also true. Abundantly so, in fact.

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