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What was it about the past week or so on television?

About a week and a half ago political pundit Bob Beckel lost his cool and yelled out “That’s B.S.!” (the full word) on the FOX News show The Five.

If anyone was watching, of course.

I am joking, sort of, though I enjoy politics but am not a regular viewer of that particular roundtable. Beckel is a jocular sort of fellow though and even states his admiration for Newt Gingrich … so I can appreciate that, especially coming from a Democratic operative.

Beckel wasn’t the only one to flip his lid, though, as famous lid-wearer/ESPN analyst Lee Corso used the ‘F’ word in discussing his excitement of something about college football.

Corso deserves a bit of a knock, not such much for that error but for his Hooters ad in which he praises the restaurant’s, ahem, talent … with a literal wink to a waitress.

Kinda creepy Corso.

Rex Ryan

Another offender is not a big surprise in New York Jets coach Rex “Look at Me” Ryan.

If you want that kind of attention Rex you have to be willing to constantly hold your tongue.

Or be willing to face a hefty fine from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who frowns on cursing at a fan, which Ryan did a week ago after the Jets loss to the New England Patriots.

Shape up guys … you can’t behave that way on television and get away with it.

At least not yet.

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