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It was and is nice to see all the TV programming remembering 9-11-01 and the tragic events of that day.

It proves many of us have NOT forgotten that day and how awesome it is to be an American.

Here are some thoughts from a conservative … me … about 9-11.

While many of us have NOT forgotten that day, still TOO many of us have …

Our government and military have done a great job of keeping us free and safe after the horrible event.

George W. Bush

Some of you won’t like this, but MUCH of the credit goes to the previous administration …that of George W. Bush … for putting measures and plans in place to keep us free and safe.

It was interesting to see Dick Cheney, on Today, and other Republicans credit President Obama for his role in taking out Osama Bin Laden.

I NEVER heard President Obama do the same, however.

It was touching to see all the names of the deceased called at the 9/11 memorial … that day was an attack on the greatness of America, and it should have rocked us to our very core.

There was incredibly selfless giving that day, including those who gave of their lives to save others. Are we still in that mindset … giving? because after all we are only borrowing all this from God, anyway.

I hope we remember that EVERY life is precious and we shouldn’t forget about those who are being unfairly imprisoned all over the world … including those American hitchhikers still being unjustly held in Iran.

They aren’t spies, it’s just a way for Iran to thumb its nose at us. Shame on us for allowing it to go on so long … we seem powerless in this situation, and it just shouldn’t be so.

Finally, the more people we can make free around the world, the more we will remain free here.

Thanks for reading and feel free to agree or disagree with your comments below!

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