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I don’t get any joy from Monday night’s news that TLC has pulled the plug on its reality show Kate Plus Eight.

I feel sadness for a woman, Kate Gosselin, whose life has changed so much due to fame and infamy.

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Much of it is her own doing, however, which explains the vitriol I am reading on facebook from people who clearly won’t miss Kate.

Kate Gosselin is not likeable and not watchable.

In short, viewers can no longer relate to Kate.

“WHOO HOOO, she was giving motherhood a bad name,” wrote one person.

“woo hoo hate her!!” wrote another.

“glad to see the show go. Not a fan of hers now or ever…..bye bye Kate!” another person opined.

“I don’t relate to this new and improved Kate (sarcasm),” another person chimed in.

In other words, Kate no longer rates and can start looking for dates?

OK…I couldn’t resist, based on her own recent words, but I still hope for the best for Kate Gosselin and her kids.

The latter never asked for all this nonsense, after all.


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