Changing Channels

Being a liberal must be FAR more important to Tina Brown than being a fair-minded person.

Or being a woman or person with even an ounce of empathy for that matter.

In her latest questionable move as head of Newsweek, Brown opted to approve a photo of the Republican candidate for president with a crazed look in her eyes.

Tina Brown

It’s not the first time Brown has selected a controversial cover — recall the one of a “back-to-life” Princess Diana chatting with Kate Middleton — and it probably won’t be the last.

If Tina Brown wants to go after Bachmann or other conservatives for their policies, that’s nothing new for an 80 to 90 percent liberal media.

But trying to make her appear crazy, including the title The Queen of Rage under the picture, says more about the editor than it does the subject.

“She looks blank and confused and I don’t think it’s fair,” said one political analyst on the Today show.

I’ll second that notion.

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