Changing Channels

I don’t stay up late to watch the late night talk shows.

Only rarely do I even tape them to watch them in the morning.

But I am here for you guys, though, the people who are even more fanatical than I am about TV.

Although in a recent blog I indicated Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon are my favorites in the late night logjam of hosts, I am not overwhelmed by any of the programs.

I have an “idear” to juice things up, though.

One of the shows, or channels should go all seven nights and rotate stars or celebrities as host.

Jerry Seinfeld

Whoever it is, say a Jerry Seinfeld on one night, should also be able to incorporate elements of what they do into the show.

In his case, of course, stand up comedy and/or skits could be a big element of the show.

He could be really good with guests that suit him, like Larry David and Richard Lewis.

A musical or sports guest could go more in those directions for a change of pace, rather than the standard intro-skit-guest format of other shows.

What do you think, could a show like that, especially on Saturday and Sunday nights, at 9 or 10 p.m. shake TV up a bit?

Crazier things have been tried …

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