Maybe a reader of this blog who commented on Big Brother is correct, maybe reality shows should be wiped off the face of the earth.

But the reality is, reality shows are probably here to stay and a few of them, like The Amazing Race are mostly exciting, positive and not harmful …  although some may question some of the “couples” chosen to participate.

Big Brother host Julie Chen

But some people need to do a reality check, particularly those who threaten participants or their families with some kind of violence for their actions on the shows.

That has recently occurred with the series Big Brother and it is GALLING! It’s time, therefore, for some reality checks … the type that won’t bounce.

Check No. 1:  The people who appear on reality shows are hardly famous at the time they appear on the show.

Check No. 2: They rarely if EVER go on to some kind of fame, Richard Hatch and Elizabeth Hasselbeck aside.

Check No. 3: You don’t know reality contestants just because you watch them on TV. You can root for someone, dislike or like some of them, but at the end of the show there will only be one winner.

Check No. 4: Shows are edited to bring light to the best or worst attributes of people, usually the latter. Life isn’t fair, and neither are reality shows.

Check No. 5: If contestants knew their families were being threatened chances are they would drop out immediately … as it’s just not worth the hassle for most people.

Check No. 6: If a show starts to mean too much to you … you have a problem and need to find a healthier hobby than watching reality TV.


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