When Man Vs Food is on, I will travel to another channel, at least if its toward the end of the program.

The Travel Channel show is informative and interesting when it comes to showing how food is prepared and enjoyed at restaurants.

But the essence of the program, the Man vs. Food part is tough for me to watch, perhaps because as a slightly overweight person I have “abused” food myself at times.

I feel the host, Adam Richman, abuses food when he makes it a competition in order to win something, like a guitar, as he did in a recent program.

Yes, I know the competitions are “pre-existing” at restaurants to lure some people into attempting to get a free meal.

What a way to, burp!, enjoy a meal though.

Perhaps I shouldn’t take it so seriously, but when so much of the world is starving and we continue to waste and misuse food so much in the U.S. it’s upsetting.

Confronting poverty and shortages of food here and around the world?

A good thing to do.

“Confronting” a two-pound burger a plate of pasta and a milkshake at the same time?

Not so much.

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