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Sometimes parents can learn a thing or two from their children.

Such is the case with documentary filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi.

Her mother, in case you don’t know from the last name is Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Nancy Pelosi, in the opinion of many, is one of the most bitterly partisan politicians of any era who could be very nasty with her opponents, including former President George W. Bush.

(The same humble leader, ironically enough, who drew plaudits for being very kind and gracious to Alexandra during her documentary on him titled Journeys with George).

Alexandra Pelosi at least attempts to be fair in her documentaries, including Citizen USA currently airing on HBO, in that she at least lets the stories tell themselves without being heavy-handed.

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It couldn’t have been easy for Alexandra Pelosi to have issues like the love of God, strong pro-capitalism and anti-abortion messages addressed in Citizen USA.

But she did, and Alexandra Pelosi should be commended for that.

At least she appears to admit to the existence of those views, unlike her mother who bullied her way through the passage of a health care bill most Americans don’t want.

She did get sucked into the Arizona debate, however, where non-citizens are fighting for the same rights as Americans.

One small problem, however: the documentary seemed to be about people going though the process of becoming legal U.S. citizens.

Non citizens in Arizona, at least some of them, seem to expect all of the benefits of being an American without bearing any of the responsibilities.

Arizona is going through so much right now that no short cutesy snippet can do the situation justice.

That part aside, Alexandra Pelosi does fine work with her latest documentary. Nancy Pelosi should be proud of her daughter, if she can sit through parts of it.

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