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One of the better shows on TV is ABC’s “Primetime: What Would You Do?”

The John Quinones-hosted program, which airs Friday nights, often puts people in uncomfortable positions to see how they would react … do they do what’s right, or just walk away from a tough situation?

The show is at its best when it sticks to values everyone can agree on, like treating other people decently, or not stealing as it addressed in recent programs.

One episode tried to get the reactions of people walking by when a young man was attempting to steal a bike at a park vs. how people respond when an attractive woman was attempting to do the same thing.

People were tougher on young man, perhaps not surprisingly, yelling at him and asking if it was his bike or not. They were easier on the young woman, with some even stopping to help her cut the bike free of chains.

Kinda funny, kinda revealing.

Another episode focused on how the public sometimes mistreats waiters and waitresses and had actors treat wait staff poorly to see if anyone would come to their defense.

Many diners did speak up for the wait staff, and that was refreshing to see.

Quinones and the show do a good job, for the most part, at not coming down too hard on people for their various reactions to difficult situations.

The show veers a bit however, when it gets into larger social or moral topics at times.

John Quinones

I just read up a bit on Quinones and learned he is a fraternity brother (Lambda Chi Alpha, photo courtesy) of mine from San Antonio.

“What Would I Do?” if I saw him coming at me … probably shake his hand for a show well done.

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