Anne Rice calls the Catholic Church “immoral.” In an interview with her son Christopher (for the gay site the on again/off again Catholic author says, after thinking about it for several years, she came to the conclusion that the Catholic Church “was not a fine religion, that it was dishonorable, that it was

dishonest, that it’s theology was largely sophistry… and that it was
basically a church that told lies.” 
Ms. Rice’s negative view of the Church is disputed by the blog Ignatius Insight which argues that the famed “Unvert” (as she is referred to in the piece) “possesses a wealth of emotional baggage and a poverty of knowledge about Church history, practice, and theology.”
BTW, Rice apparently was among the commenters to this blog last September, regarding the CNN documentary What the Pope Knew (about the Church’s sex abuse scandals). Here’s the comment: “I thought the program, What the Pope Knew, was excellent. All of the
material was familiar from the pages of the New York Times and other
substantive news articles. But it was good to see it set out on
television in a concise and effective and truthful way. I pray, I pray,
that Catholics will speak up and demand reform and cleansing in their
church. The voices of defensive Catholics, attacking reporters, trying
to spin the stories to blame everybody but the church, can be so deeply
discouraging. I left this church because I feel it is immoral, and I
could no longer be complicit with its immoral actions and lies. But
many still love it and support it. I hope they will speak out against
the Vatican and demand reform. I hope they will demand to know how and
why Bernard Law is still a Cardinal living in luxury in Rome.”

Hollywood writer denounces Church of Scientology. Paul Haggis (Million Dollar Baby), a former former member, calls the enterprise, founded by sci-fi author L. Ron Hubbard, a “cult.” Having their leadership denounced by famous writers who have left them. That’s at least one thing the Catholic Church and Scientology have in common.

Keith Olbermann may be joining up with Al Gore. A report says the former MSNBC host may be signing on with the former veep’s Current TV channel. And here I thought Gore was opposed to hot air.

Fahrenheit 2.7. As in millions of dollars. As in the amount the lefty documentarian Michael Moore is suing producers Harvey and Bob Weinstein for in a legal battle over Fahrenheit 9/11 profits. As the film’s trailer says “If you think corporations are greedy, you haven’t seen anything yet.” (Moore, BTW, has reportedly already been paid 19.8 million in back-end profit participation for the film, all of which I’m sure he shared equally with his crew.) 

Ed Asner denies that he shuns political conservatives. Lou Grant hates spunk not Republicans.

Report: Charlie Sheen returning to work in two weeks. The 45-year-old Two and a Half Men star, said to be undergoing “in-home” drug rehab, is apparently ready to return to the eight-year-old TV show (which, by this point, could really use a new title).
Programming suggestion for CBS: Dump the aging show. Move The Big Bang Theory (a newer hit from the same producer) into Men‘s Monday slot and slide the hit procedural The Mentalist down from 10:00 PM (ET) into the Bang‘s 8:00 PM lead off Thursday slot. You’re welcome, Leslie Moonves.

The Beaver delayed again. Mel Gibson’s comeback vehicle is put on hold for a second time. Here’s the Moviefone plot description: Plagued by his own demons, Walter Black (Gibson) was once a successful toy
executive and family man who now suffers from depression. No matter
what he tries, Walter can’t seem to get himself back on track…until a
beaver hand puppet enters his life.
If nothing else, the plot is ironic.

Jeff Zucker says Conan O’Brien was wrong to think he was “owed” the 11:35 PM time slot.
The former NBC chief did wreck a formerly great network but he’s right on this one. As I wrote in The Wrap, Conan was bit of a crybaby in the whole affair, I also offered my own solution to the epic programming fiasco — but, alas, no one listened.

Sherri Shepherd to host the Dove Awards. The co-host of The View will emcee the annual Gospel Music Association even on GMC (Gospel Music Channel) on April 24th.

E.T. spoof Paul features familiar villains. If you guessed fundamentalist Christians you win a bag of Reese’s Pieces.

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