Casting Stones

If anyone has any remaining doubts about the national media’s bias and preference for Sen. Barack Obama, I offer Charles Gibson’s interview with Gov. Sarah Palin vs. Gibson’s interview with Sen. Obama on July 23, 2008 as an excellent test case.
Charles Gibson, of ABC News, was far more hostile in his interaction with Gov. Palin, as demonstrated in his combative and argumentative method of “interrogating” her. I found his whole demeanor, including his body language, to be disdainful.
When Gov. Palin answered his question about whether the U.S. had the right to go after Taliban sanctuaries in Pakistan, Gibson responded by saying he “got lost in a blizzard of words” and followed with “is that a yes?”
I cannot imagine Gibson responding to Obama in a remotely similar fashion.
When one watches Gibson with Obama in the July 23 interview, they both seem to be basking in Sen. Obama’s astounding “Obama-ness.”
Watch both, side-by-side, and then you decide.

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