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The Supreme Court continued its disturbing trend of devaluing children with its Patrick Kennedy v. Louisiana decision. By a 5 to 4 majority (how familiar is that phrase becoming?) the Supreme Court ruled that the death penalty is unconstitutional for […]

Last month 21 U.S. soldiers were killed in Iraq, 17 from hostile fire. In May 2007, there were 127 causalities in Iraq. The “surge” is working and bringing with it a measure of military and political success that must be […]

With the observance of Father’s Day and the heartbreaking, sudden death of Tim Russert, author of the best selling Big Russ & Me, the nation’s attention has been focused on fathers. Russert’s Big Russ & Me about Tim’s working class, […]

It’s what I feared: Barack Obama and his campaign are so afraid of a “sensitive political climate” that they will eagerly disassociate themselves from anything Muslim, even if it goes against all the highbrow Obama talk about running a clean, […]

LifeWay Research, the research and survey branch of LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention, has partnered with the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission to survey Americans on a host of moral and social issues facing American […]

The debate over same-sex marriage is certain to heat up again over the summer and into the fall election season. Why? First, following the California Supreme Court’s mandate that same-sex marriages commence on June 17, thousands of homosexual couples will […]

A Time magazine photograph of Barack Obama’s hands, displaying his favorite charms, sported this caption: “Amongst the things that Barack Obama carries for good luck is a bracelet belonging to a soldier deployed in Iraq, a gambler’s lucky chit, a […]

Dear Readers– Due to a planned technical upgrade taking place on Wednesday June 11th, the Beliefnet Blogs will not display any new content, and commenting will be disabled. We aim to be back up and running by the end of […]

Senator Obama and his wife Michelle have now resigned their membership from Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. Given the outrageous and incendiary statements made from the pulpit by Rev. Wright and repeated with evident relish from the podium […]

Since this is my last day as a guest blogger on “Casting Stones,” I’m going to plug the book which prompted Beliefnet to invite me in the first place: The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power, […]