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LifeWay Research, a division of LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention, has released some interesting results from its in-depth surveys of Southern Baptist pastors across the nation. Eighty percent of Southern Baptist pastors say that they currently support […]

Southern Baptists—the largest Protestant denomination in America, with just under 16.3 million members in nearly 44,000 local congregations—have some awareness that they are out of step with the broader culture in which they live. As Evangelicals, they expect to be. […]

Monday, May 19, 2008, the U.S. Supreme Court sent a significant signal that they may be returning to sanity on the issue of child pornography. By a 7-2 vote, the Supreme Court ruled that Congress and state legislatures can pass […]

The California Supreme Court has ruled (by a 4-3 vote) in its supposedly “infinite” wisdom that the California state constitution requires that same-sex couples must have the same right to get married as heterosexual couples do. The California Supreme Court […]

What an honor and a privilege it was to be present as an honorary member of the official U.S. delegation at the Recognition and Gala hosted by Israeli President Shimon Peres Wednesday night here in Jerusalem! It was an inspiring […]

American Evangelicalism will never be the same after the 2008 election. The broadening of the Evangelical agenda, the increase of ethnic evangelicals and the generational changing of the guard from Robertson, Dobson and Graham to Warren, Hybels, Osteen, and Jakes […]

Have we gone full circle? From the days of the Moral Majority in the 1980’s to the Christian Coalition in the 1990’s , Evangelicals stepped out from behind the curtains of political obscurity and by sheer grass roots mobilization and […]

Dr. Darrell L. Bock is Research Professor of New Testament and Professor of Spiritual Development and Culture at Dallas Theological Seminary. The Evangelical Manifesto is both a call to evangelicals for self-reflection on how they publicly engage in discussion and […]

Harry Knox is director of the Religion and Faith Program at the Human Rights Campaign Foundation. The dust is settling on the General Conference of the United Methodist Church, the quadrennial legislative meeting held April 23 – May 2 in […]

As I write this, I am on a plane flying to Israel to attend official observances celebrating the nation of Israel’s 60th birthday. I was asked, along with others, by President Bush to be an “honorary” member of the official […]