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David Gibson attempts to stop the argument between Steven Waldman and me about Catholic voters. He says, in effect, there aren’t very many Catholic voters. Why? The number of Catholics who consider their faith important to their political decisions is […]

Steven makes a bold statement that Catholicism has nothing to do with the Catholic Vote in Democratic primaries. That’s a bit extreme, although with the non-negotiable life issues of the Catholic church taken off the table among Democrats they do […]

For weeks there has been a national debate about the appropriateness of sermons preached by Rev. Jeremiah Wright from the pulpit of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. Many preachers, both black and white, believed that Wright must have […]

Steven Waldman suggests I take another look at my argument that Obama will not do well among Catholics if he is the nominee in November. If, as I argue, Obama turns off socially conservative Catholics, in part, because of his […]

David Gibson suggests that the lack of support for Barack Obama among Catholic voters may be due to an “African-American problem” in the Catholic Church. Six weeks ago I got a call from someone advising the Obama campaign on the […]

As a guest blogger, I’ve been asked by Dan Gilgoff to write some posts concerning my new book on politics and religion and its relevance to the present election cycle. I welcome the opportunity, and I thank Dan and the […]

Serious and important studies such as Why Marriage Matters, Twenty-One Conclusions from the Social Sciences (2002) and Hardwired to Connect (2003) have documented the ravages of divorce and single parenthood on children as well as their mothers and fathers. The […]

Most living Americans look upon television as a natural home appliance and think no more about its implications than they would electrical lamps or a washing machine. In fact, more American homes have TVs than have washing machines. Indeed, American […]

A couple of days after the 2004 presidential election I received a phone call from a reporter from a national publication. She wanted to know about those “moral values” voters, the 25 percent of Americans who stated in exit polls […]

Eboo Patel is founder and executive director of the Interfaith Youth Core. This is his reflection on the answer Senator Clinton gave to his question at Sunday night’s Compassion Forum for the presidential candidates. The full exchange between Patel and […]