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February 2008 Archives

The good news from Iraq continues to accumulate. Former critics such as Anthony Cordesman have the integrity and the courage to believe their eyes when they are confronted with “major process in every area” when they visit the nation of […]

The question must be asked by an American Muslim–it is really so bad for any of the presidential candidates to have any ties, even the slenderest of ties, to Muslims? More specifically, why is Barack Obama’s campaign so intent on […]

What a titanic struggle for delegates is unfolding in the Democratic race for the White House! With Senators Clinton and Obama locked in hand-to-hand combat for every single delegate, it is beginning to look as if the Democrats may not […]

I find myself in the uncomfortable position of being in virtually total agreement with the Pennsylvania chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union in its suit against a judge who ruled that marriages are invalid “if presided over by a […]

It now appears almost certain that the presidential contest in 2008 will be between Sen. McCain and either Sen.Clinton or Obama. I have been asked on many occasions which contest I would prefer. My answer is that, as a conservative, […]

The tidal wave of “Super Tuesday” has come and gone. What did it leave in its wake? On the Democratic side, the race between Senators Clinton and Obama tightened rather than clarified. Sen. Obama won more states, but the really […]

California provided the first real case in which we have real data on how Jews voted in the Democratic primaries. The verdict? A tie. Among the 5% of the Democratic electorate in California, 48% went to Clinton, 44% to Obama.

Given how well Huckabee has done tonight, I cant help but wonder: all the conservatives who hate John McCain, why did they rally around Romney, who’s not conservative, instead of Huckabee, who is? Part of the answer is that the […]