Casting Stones

This morning we have the stunning news that Sam Brownback, the leading pro-life advocate in the Senate, has nuzzled up to the most pro-choice candidate in the Republican race, Rudy Giuliani. After meeting with the New York City mayor, who in the past has supported partial birth abortion and government funding for abortion, Brownback declared that he’s “much more comfortable now that I understand the mayor’s position.” Apparently, Giuliani confided to Brownback that he’d appoint conservative judges.This highlights something else: this campaign poses an enormous test for the anti-abortion movement. For years, I’ve been arguing with my pro-choice friends that you can disagree with the pro-life position but you have to respect sincerity of their views. If you believed abortion was murder, you’d be just as adamant as they are (hopefully). To me, pro-life activists have always seemed impressively committed to their principles.So what are we to make of religious conservatives who have argued for years that we are in the midst of a genocide – who now say it’s fine to support someone who backed the genocide…as long as that person happens to poll better in New Hampshire? It makes the entire pro-life movement seem suspect. For that reason, I think the serious pro-life activists have a deep need to oppose Giuliani and anyone who backs him in the primaries.Here, as a service for our pro-life readers, is Giuliani on partial birth:

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