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The problem with using the Bible as the basis for running a society is that it would always be somebody’s interpretation of the Bible, and a worst case scenario is that it might be your interpretation, Mr. Klinghoffer. I too […]

Biblical wisdom is all-encompassing, with something to say about every private and public concern, yet your approach, Jim, seems myopic. Your passions are aroused by poverty, the Biblical approach to which you misunderstand, and by war, which you fail to […]

You asked for specific issues from a Biblical perspective. Let’s start with idolatry. I agree with your definition that it is “setting up moral authorities in competition with, or to the negation, of God.” But you then turn it into […]

Jim, I feel some frustration too because what you’ve done so far is speak mostly in generalities. The real pattern in Biblical politics only becomes clear when you look at an extended series of concrete practical issues from a Biblical […]

Your post is difficult to respond to. I am not interested in trying to debunk your caricature of me and my ideas point-by-point. It appears to be mostly one-liners and sweeping generalizations about whole groups of people without much substance. […]

Jim, if in your opinion the Bible is neither liberal nor conservative, if God truly is non-partisan, if He isn’t in sympathy with Democratic more than with Republican policies, would you tell me the last major Republican candidates you voted […]

Thanks for your post, David. I’m looking forward to this discussion with you. You claim that the Bible has a conservative rather than liberal worldview. I would suggest that the Bible is neither “conservative” or “liberal” as we understand those […]

Jesse Jackson has rightly called Barack Obama’s presidential bid a “theological campaign.” Indeed, in the primary season, the leading Democratic candidates all correctly emphasized that spiritual values play a legitimate role in shaping political values. That’s thanks in part to […]

Jim Wallis is an author, public theologian, speaker, preacher, and international commentator on religion and public life, faith and politics. His latest book is The Great Awakening: Reviving Faith & Politics in a Post-Religious Right America (HarperOne, 2008) is a […]

David Klinghoffer is a senior fellow in the Discovery Institute’s program in Religion, Liberty, and Public Life and the author of How Would God Vote? Why the Bible Commands You to Be a Conservative (Doubleday). His other books include Why […]