October 2007 Archives

I’ll begin by (again!) agreeing with Jeff: It’s good for democracy when a group of citizens become politically engaged. Debates are more robust, candidates have sharper visions, and civic participation rises. All of us agree that evangelicals now have power. […]

I find it depressing, though I suppose inevitable, that Evangelicals are all painted with the same brush. I hope we are not guilty of the same generalized thinking as we engage the culture. Yes, we extend across a wide philosophical […]

I’m glad to have Hannah’s unvarnished account of the Value Voters Summit; though I think she’s being unfair to the Politburo, an institution that was at least mercifully corrupt: Everyone had to toe the line publicly, but privately nearly everyone […]

Ok, I want to inject a little reality check into this conversation. So far we seem to agree on three things that should happen to make us less queasy about evangelicals in high places: 1. Powerful evangelicals stop the servant […]

The problem with evangelicals today is that so many have lost confidence in Jesus. I think that explains the problems that all of us have with them today. Consider this from Michael: “What unites evangelicals is that they believe something […]

Jeff rightly calls evangelicals on the carpet for hiding their quest for worldly power behind the mask of “servant leadership.” It’s not Jerry’s notion of servanthood, of course, that Jeff disagrees with. Helping the poor and hungry are certainly worthwhile. […]

David asks me, “Jerry – How do we begin to change that perception? You give tremendous examples of evangelicals who are serving and loving – how do we get more and more Christians to do that? Christians, for instance, like […]

I can’t help but admire David’s determination to make “evangelical” something other than a political term. David wants to be part of a real movement, one for which politics is no more than one front among many. The good news […]

Part of me feels like I should just step aside and let Jeff and Michael duke this one out, because I’m really interested in this question of the cosmopolitans and the populists, and who counts as which, and who is […]

First, greetings to everyone. I’m excited to be part of this. Let me start with something upon which everyone might agree. No matter how some of us wish that evangelicals are currently defined and no matter how much we might […]