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There are some days that call for deep healing of body, mind, and spirit. Yesterday was one of them. After months of overwork, underplay as well as caregiving of a dear friend, followed by her recent passing, I was in serious need of immersion into harmony. I knew right where to go to experience it. Sharon Kachel is an interfaith minister, teacher, Reiki Master and sound healer who is also a grounded mother of a budding mystic teen daughter. Her studio is a haven for all who walk through the door. Hard to imagine that this auric ashram sits a few hundred yards from a busy highway in the burbs of Philadelphia. All manner of percussion instruments, Tibetan singing bowls, and crystals line the floors and sit atop tables.

She leads meditations for those who desire what I came looking for, some downtime and enrichment. Sitting back in a comfy chair with others who showed up for the group gathering as well, I took a deep breath and immediately felt myself sinking into it as if it was absorbing my weary body. Sharon walked around the room, tapping on tuning forks and placing them on each of the chakras opening them to take in the juicy energy and vibration of the instruments. I have no clear memory of what transpired while in meditation mode but felt a simultaneous sensation of sinking and floating. Sharon conducted what seemed like a symphony that included the bowls, hand-held shakers, and a large golden gong.

Music is one of my go-to medicines since it speaks without words. It may seem odd for a writer to admit that since I also thrive on verbiage. Lately, and perhaps because of recent stressors, words have escaped my grasp, so melody and harmony have been doubly desired. What I noticed after Sharon called us back from the meditation was how rested I felt, despite only sleeping six hours or so the night before. I have heard it said by meditation teachers that 20 minutes of meditation is equivalent to eight hours of restful sleep. It seemed to be the case here.

Sharon and her work are most definitely Attuned with Spirit. I felt tapped into sacred sonic sweetness that reverbed throughout the rest of the day.




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