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As I am writing this, I am at the end of a long day that began with teaching mindfulness for four to eleven- year -olds at a summer camp that is part of a day care center. We laughed, stretched, meditated, danced, played, chanted and chatted about relationships, feelings, ways of managing stress and experiencing self-love. I then traveled 45 minutes to my day job of offering therapy for adults and children. After that, I met with friends with whom I am putting together an interfaith holiday sing based on a beautiful video in which 800 Jews, Christians, and Muslims gathered to sing the Bob Marley peace anthem, One Love in English, Hebrew, and Arabic.

As fulfilling as each of those segments of my schedule is, there was still work involved and not much veg time. Now, I am in chill mode, even though I am still writing. This is a pleasurable activity and afterward, my intention is to listen to music and perhaps read. The creator of National Relaxation Day would still likely wag his finger at me for my daily routine since this is not unusual for me.

As a recovering Type A workaholic, kicking back and doing nothing does not come naturally or easily to me. Yes, I can do nothing, but not for long. I get fidgety and feel like I am not being productive. There was a time in my recent past during which I would burn the candle at both ends until there was no more wax left, which had me in a state of mental and physical exhaustion and contributed to a heart attack, shingles, kidney stones and pneumonia. Not sure what keeps me from simply being rather than doing. Perhaps I come by it genetically since my father was a workaholic as well. He couldn’t sit still either. A human dynamo. He used to work ‘crazy hours’ at his full-time job and then came home and do work around the house.

My life looks like a counseling job, writing, coaching, editing, teaching, and ministry, as well as volunteering. In addition, I hang out with friends and family

When I do take time to just BE it includes:







Being in nature

Swimming and lounging by a pool


Being in a hammock


Taking a bath


Staring into space


Watching a sunset

Listening to music


Playing games

Creating vision boards

What is your favorite way of chillaxing?



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