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How did you see in the New Year? I was with friends at a meditation and party…not exactly a wild and rowdy night. It was held at the home of a long time friend who I think of as a grounded mystic. Yanni Maniates’  work is both metaphysical and mainstream, having implications for sustaining life on the planet. Many of those who sat on comfy couches and chairs, in the cozy basement of the home he shares with his wife Jaime, herself a Kundalini Yoga teacher, were kindred spirits who I have known for many years. I was delighted to be spending the waning hours of 2017 with these folks whose commitment to peace and social justice is exemplary.

The focus of the evening was being the light that could quite likely heal the rifts on the planet and call people together in the spirit of reconciliation and harmony. I’m all for that. In one of the meditations, Yanni invoked the idea of release of suffering and all beings happy and at peace. Easy to send out to those we love and with whom we feel in alignment. My challenge and necessary call to action was to beam it at someone whose values are polar opposite mine and whose words and actions are divisive and dangerous. In order for someone who acts as he does, there must be tremendous inner turmoil, wounding and suffering. He clearly needs peace to heal.

Jaime shared with us a mantra from the tradition from which Kundalini Yoga emerges.  Ek Ong Kar (The Creator and the creation-We Are One) Sat Gur Prasad (This truth comes as a gift through Divine grace), each repeated twice.  As I offered it, I felt myself being immersed in sound and bliss. I will use it throughout my day to remind myself of my Divine connection.

When the clock struck midnight, we watched the ball drop in frigid Times Square and I felt grateful to be in a warm home, surrounded by love. Hugs and shouts of Happy New Year permeated the house.

I see the turning of the calendar page from one year to the next, to be a time of transition, rich with possibility. I have no clue of events that await on the other side, but I know I have both the freedom and responsibility of co-creating the work of art that it can become. My intention and prayer is that 2018 be a year of positive change for the world. It won’t happen on its own. We need all of us to feed the collective soup pot. What will you bring to the next 12 months? I plan to bring my A game. Call me on it, if I don’t. Happy and Healthy New Year to you all!