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July 1, 2o17

In a few days, America will celebrate its birthday with parades and picnics, fun and fireworks. In my childhood, it meant time with extended family and friends engaged in all of those activities and remain in the recesses of my mind and heart. I smile in recollection. For me, as a world citizen and not just one born in the U.S, it is is not about patriotism and nationalism. I embrace a multi-cultural and multi-spiritual life. My celebrations this weekend will include drumming circles, potluck gatherings, pool lounging and offering one of my FREE Hugs events in Philly. The City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection awaits.

I also think of this as the perfect opportunity to declare my own freedom which I break down into two categories:

Freedom from and freedom to, in order to change my life.

I declare independence from 


a belief that I can’t be financially prosperous

denial of my talents

limiting thoughts of any kind

my history, knowing that it need not be my destiny

feeling intimidated by anyone

not enough/too much thoughts about myself

envy of those who have what I want in life

carrying the weight of the world

self-judgment about being single for so many years


judgments of others

fear of speaking my truth

asking for only what I think people will say yes to

pitching my work for fear that it/I will be rejected

second guessing my choices

I declare freedom to

live out loud

take my light out from under a bushel

be colorful

be bold and badass

release caring what everyone thinks about my choices

love whoever and however I choose

ask for whatever I want, being able to accept the answer no matter what it is

rock the boat and make waves

go out on a limb

be on the world stage

do a TED talk

be in a committed life relationship with the love of my life

be emotionally naked and vulnerable

live authentically

shrug off disapproval

determine what I want and go for it, audaciously

take the time to BE and not do, more often

be self-compassionate

let go gracefully

be open to receive

Feeling my freedom~