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An irresistable invitation arrived to venture southward from my suburban Philadelphia home to Washington, DC for what I knew would be an epic event.  It has been eons in the making and I sensed that many others heard the same beckoning. It read:

“There is a Tibetan myth that when 1000 Goddesses or Taras unite, this will bring the Divine Feminine or Compassion back into our Sacred Earth. This is a Wisdom and Compassion Gathering to bring Divine Feminine healing energies deeply back into our Sacred Earth during these times of great challenges. Washington DC has never seen an event like this.”

Roll back the clock a few years and I had spoken at a women’s conference in Maryland. There I met a powerhouse author and sister speaker named Mare Cromwell, author of The Great Mother Bible: or, I’d rather be gardening…. ,  Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother and If I gave you God’s phone number…. Searching for Spirituality in America. I remember reading Messages From Mother while in a diner and getting caught up in the adventure of the two main characters, one a young woman named Sarah and the other….the Mother (Mama Earth herself). I wrote of a review of the book for Beliefnet. Mare was the convener of the perfectly scripted and divinely timed day of October 22, 2016. In the capital of a nation in turmoil, with violence and vitriol, but also hope and healing, was birthed the idea is that we all work together across the divide.

The previous weekend, I had enjoyed the company of two friends who participated in Hugs Across America with me here in Philly and joined by folks in 20 cities cross country. Pamela Jane Gerrand made her own southward trek from Ontario, Canada and Jennifer Stein traveled to Philadelphia. Jennifer is a phenomenal film maker who video taped us throughout the day and Pamela is an extraordinary musician and sound healer whose vocal power can be heard in this video as well. They too were part of the energy that would sweep through the area in DC known as Constitution Gardens.

I had decided to make the round trip in a 24 hour period and had the blessing after an extended 4 1/2 drive, made an hour longer than expected due to accidents and Friday night rush hour traffic in Philly and DC, of landing at the home of my friend Randy Goldberg who is a Rennaisance Man. An astrologer, healer, Family Constellation therapist and Craniosacral therapist. After a catch-up conversation, we offered each other foot massages….ahhhh…learning to receive and was delighted to do so. Deep sleep on the living room sofa, had me awakening to a wind blown morning, as I slipped out early, so as not to rouse the household. Drove 15 minutes to the house where Jennifer and Pamela were staying with nearly a dozen others and then on to the site which was by the reflecting pool. Across the grey, cloud skittered sky was the Washington Monument, that for many who feel oppressed by patriarchal values is viewed as the ultimate phallic symbol. As I gazed at it, I saw it in a different light. Instead, it appeared to me to be an arrow pointing heavenward; a directional symbol that called my to defy gravity and move ever higher. Shivering in the suddenly summer to fall weather, I sent a celestial call, asking for the sun to melt away the cloud cover, and raise the temperature and that the winds die down and make it more manageable to maintain my footing, since the gusts were so strong that I also toppled over a few times.  Two out of three ain’t bad.  The sun did indeed make a solid appearance, but the temperamental tempest continued unabated.


Early in the day, prior to our event officiately beginning, I wandered down the hill to an area where WWII vets were being honored. I toted with me, my Hug Mobsters Armed With Love sign and open arms, ready to embrace anyone who agreed to a hug. I was blown away; not just by the wind, but also by the response of these older gentlemen, their families and the volunteers that walked along beside them. With one exception, everyone I approached said yes to hugs. I thanked them for their service and then told some of the folks about our event that was meant to make the world a more peaceful place. Many thanked us for what we were doing. It felt gratifying; this juxtaposition between war  and peace, as I walked next to the Viet Nam war Memorial wall, its shiny surface reflecting the aged faces who had seen the horrors of violence that we were attempting to quell through healing, reconciliation and love.


More hugs were shared as my Hug Mobsters Armed With Love sign, arms, legs and heart all got a great workout. I figure that I walked many miles and embraced a few hundred people from start to finish. No wonder I am feeling a bit ouchy 24 hours later.


Throughout the day, as healer, teachers, musicians, ritual makers and artists spoke, chanted, sang, created altars representing the elements, forgiveness,  joy and gratitude, as well as dedication to the ways in which we intended to live in the world as peacemakers who respect the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. In the center of the field was a carboard sculpture representing the Goddess, with mirrors embedded in each of the four images so that as we moved around it, we could see our own images reflected in them. And, of course there was plenty of chocolate. What event at which there were so many women, would be complete without it? I treasure the women and men who shared their committment to being peace, not just using the words.





The end of the day brought with it a circle of celebration as we danced around the field, joined at the heart as well as the hands that will be put to good use to create a world in which love and not fear, peace and not violence, balance and not extremism, joy and not despair are the norm.  Amen, Awomen, Aho, Ashe. And so it is.




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