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When you look back down the numbers line….5, 10 or 20 years ago, could you have imagined where you would now be taking your breaths moment to moment?  Can you fathom that the people who are surrounding you these days, may have been with you all that time, or newly met? I was driving on back country roads in my bucolic Bucks County, PA (an hour outside of Philadelphia) that I have called home since 1985, and was musing on that subject. The think link began when I pondered the ‘almost-not-quite-potential-romantic-relationships’ I had desired over the years. What if any of them had developed the way I fantasized? The likelihood that I would have met others who I treasure, would be minimal. That is a thought that comforts me when I question my still single status for many years. Don’t get me wrong…I have a marvelous life, filled with treasured family and friends and lovers; adventures, travel, enaging in creative pursuits that support me well. Still I welcome the One with whom I will share all these goodies.

As I am typing this blog entry, I am sprawled on a futon in my haven/office that was painted by my friend Paul who is multi-talented like many in my life;  a faux finish painter, musician, songwriter, author and a Forrest Gump impersonator. We met two years ago at a local music festival when he was ‘Forrest Gumping’ in full costume. He has since become a dear friend with whom I ponder life through the lens of that character. Right place, right time kind of stuff. Life by divine design. Random vs. meant to be reality.

The room which is filled with color and light, books,  artistic gifts from friends, as well as a parasol from Jazzfest that I attended last year with friends Jewelee and Scott , one of their way cool dancer daughters named Vanessa, Christopher, Virginia  and her adorable daughter Sophia, Loreen and Ron. Fond memories of our time together fill my heart. Everytime I hear Cajun or Zydeco music, I think of them.

A few weeks ago, at this time, I was immersed in wonder at the home of another who entered my life serendipitously. Tom has become a soul friend as he invited me to trek cross country to Portland, Oregon where he welcomed me into his circle of family and friends.

Last night I was chatting with my friend Greg who has been in my life more than 12 years, as we were pondering the fifth decade of our lives and how our children are now in their young adulthood and at the age he is, his mother was already a grandmother twice. My son is 29 and will be married next year. When I told him years ago that I was too young to be a grandmother, he reminds me that now I’m not.

This morning, I beheld a sweet and tender photo of another long time friend Michael. He is gazing down at his new born adopted daughter who is being cradled in his arms wrapped in a baby sling. He and his husband Alex have two other adopted children as their family grows. When we were colorful creatives hanging out on South Street in Philadelphia in the 1980’s could he have ever imagined this life he is living in Sedona, Arizona?

Today, I will be visiting another dear friend in the ICU where he has been for several days on dialysis and ventilator while awaiting cardiac surgery. Phil  and Janet have been part of my life since the 1980’s as well. They are family of choice, as Phil is my son’s go to guy who he has long considered a father. Prayers for his healing have lifted Phil out of immediate crisis, with our shared intention for his total wellbeing and recovery.

These folks and the experiences we have shared, are among my treasures. They stand as testament to the magic of connection, the grace and love present in each precious moment and the who-knows-who-is -around-the-corner-waiting-to-enter-our-lives? I bless them all and the beyond beautiful life I get to live.

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