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As I was making my way from my home in beautiful, bucolic Bucks County, PA to North of the border Canada for what I know will be a magical wedding of my friends Shayne Traviss and Tim Emberly, I was tuning in to various radio stations as I lost signals and then picked them up once again. I happened upon religious programing on which a couple was being interviewed about the death of their youngest daughter shortly after her birth. The were tearful as they described the emotional roller coaster they had been on at the time of her passing and since then. They expressed their belief that since they were faith-filled and devotional, that they would be spared hardship and trial, but they had come to accept that life happens, regardless and loss is part of it. The show host reminded them that their was no quid pro quo with God, to which they agreed.

As I contemplated events in my own life, from the ectopic preganancy I experienced, to the  Hepatitis C diagnosis my husband had, which led to his death, to the loss of our home to Hurricane Andrew in Homestead, Florida in 1992, to my parents’ passing, followed by a series of health crises and financial challenges, I too have come to the same conclusion as this couple. God didn’t make any of it occur. My take on it  is that God/Goddess/All That Is, has been the strength and comfort that has sustained me through each of them.

I smiled when I realized that all really is well and that I will get through the financial uncertainties I am facing at the moment. I reminded myself that if those thoughts weren’t hammering at me, I would be enjoying the journey to Ontario, where I am right now as I am typing these words. Freshly showered, after the 8 1/2 hour trip,  hugging the grooms and other friends  when I arrived, some who I met for the first time, since knowing them for years via Facebook, a traipse through the woods, wading in the icy cold creek, getting muddy sneakers, walking barefoot in the grass, watching the wedding rehearsal, enjoying the mixture of salad and pizza and lemon infused water, followed by a sparkler and rainbow decotated birthday cake to celebrate Shayne’s birthday tomorrow. I enjoyed the dimming sky and lively conversation.

Okay, so back to the car ride…right after I listened to the interview, I was again flipping through the dial and a song came on that had me laughing and saying, “Got it.” It was a Jon Bon Jovi classic called Living On A Prayer. Even though the story line didn’t resemble my own journey, the title grabbed me. Less than an hour later, as I had crossed the border from NY to Canada, guess which song came back on another station, just in case I hadn’t gotten the message the first time. Now I knew I was truly taken care of and that all I may doubt, on the other side, has assurance that per Christian mystic Julian of Norwich, ““All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.”





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