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On my way to the gym, after seeing a mid afternoon therapy client, I stopped at Wawa (a convenience store like 7-11) in the Philly suburb of Warminster, Pennsylvania to get a protein bar to boost my flagging energy and blood sugar. I walked up to the counter where Theodore who manned the register referred to me as Love as I checked out with my purchase. He hadn’t even noticed what was on my shirt. As I pointed it out, we both smiled. I told him that I bet he called everyone that. He had that way about him; kind of playful and flirtatious. “Pretty much,” was his answer. Clearly a man who loves life.

Some people, women in particular take offense at being called sweet names by strangers; the Baltimorian waitress vernacular, “Hon,” among them. Does it imply a sense of familiarity?  Sure. As long as it is respectful, not sleazy or demeaning in any way, I’m cool with it. I do it too. My mom used to call people ‘Babycakes,’ my dad referred to my female friends as ‘Doll Baby,’  or my best friend Barb as ‘Barbie Doll’. I use the term ‘Sweetie pie’ to show affection to people regardless of gender. So far, no one has bristled at it.

The world can feel like a cold and lonely place for some people. We often bustle by each other without noticing another living, breathing being. Who knows what is going on in their lives that may contribute to the frown, grimace or vacant look on their face?  It is easy to be kind. It is simple to offer the blessing of a smile. Generosity of spirit costs nothing and is rewarding to both the giver and receiver. Think of the last time you were the recipient of another’s eye contact, laughter, supportive touch or uplifting words. How did it feel?  Did it warm your heart? When someone offers that to me, I come away feeling like I was sprinkled with pixie dust; all glittery and glowing. Contagious, it is, as I carry it with me to my next encounter.

We forget at times, that we are powerful beyond measure in terms of how our moods impact those of others in our lives. Walk into a room and ‘take its temperature’. Is it filled with anger and heaviness?  Is it overflowing with lightness and laughter? You can shift that energy simply by beaming out good vibes. Think about something that lightens you up and imagine it emanating from your skin. See it as a ball of light bouncing around the room and off the walls. Like paint balls, see it splatter onto the grumpiest of the folks there. If nothing else, you will feel better.

What it all comes down to is the idea that the Beatles were only partly right when they said, “Love is all there is.”  In truth, love is all you are. Embrace it, live it, go be it. Hold nothing back. Be fearless with love.

“Love Is All I Am”

I need a silent, true way to admire,
like you as a sunset and I as a wildfire.
And I can’t let the day go.I’ve locked up these words in fear that I’d say them wrong.
Is it love as a mountain, or love as a simple song?
And the moment that the two meet
has now laid itself at your feet.And love is not convenient.
It does not cease at your command.
You might take and leave it,
but love is all I am.
Love is all I am.I need a boundless, soft way to commend,
like you as a temper and I as its tender end.
And however long your fits last,
I will live within your shadow cast.And love is still your stranger.
It does not respect how much you’ll stand.
You might be love’s reminder,
but love is all I am.
Love is all I am.

I need a graceful, proud way to let go,
to smile and accept the things that you don’t know.
The losses and the gains blurred
the weight of these as last words.

And love is not excitement.
It’s not kissing or holding hands.
I’m not some assignment,
no, love is all I am.
Love is all I am.
Love is all I am.

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