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It is now January 1, 2016 as I am writing this blog entry. Eyes a bit bleary still following a nap, following a late night, following a party at the home of a friend. Danced, laughed, hugged, massaged (we are a touchy-feely group), ate yummy food and toasted at midnight with sparkling cider. Met lovely kindred spirits and had deep conversations about Life, the Universe and Everything.

Although I know that time is a mental construct, we humans use it to measure increments of our lives and the boundaries between this instant and the next, this year and the next are important to us. I love crossing thresholds that way.

Consider that this is day one, with 365 to follow until the clock strikes midnight next New Year’s Eve. How do you choose to invest that time in between?  Many people drift though their days in existence mode, while others consciously decide the ways in which they want to experience moments. I am in that second group with both feet planted.

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions, but instead, set intentions, and re-soul-utions. The difference for me is in the mindset that goes along with it. Not about restrictions or thou shalt not’s. More about creation and design. Seeing it, feeling it, being it. Immersing myself in the experience and essence of having what I desire.

On Sunday, I will have friends over who will join me in co-creating what it is we want to see happen in the next year. We will meditate, pray, dance, drum and create Vision boards that will embody what we want to call in. Intentions in and of themselves are powerful, but in community and blessed by others, become even more so.  Unstoppable.

Take time each day to determine what you want to see happen by the time your head touches the pillow that night. The next step is to seed plant with micro movements (baby steps) and then watch them grow. Stay focused on the feeling you will have once the task is completed. Keep checking in with yourself to see if you are on or off track. Ask for support from those around you. Have fun with it.

Happy Manna-festing from Day One!



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