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Last night, I sat in a circle with 26 other women from several generations. The youngest was in her 20’s and others were in their 30’s through my age (50’s) and still others were slightly older. We each brought our life experiences, spiritual practices and beliefs. What we had in common was a desire to honor the turning of the seasons and the shortest day/longest night of the year- the Winter Solstice.  Often, we fear the darkness and cold months that lie ahead, when instead we can view them as a time of gestation for Spring blossoming. Seed planting for a new life as we rebirth ourselves.

Lights dimmed, seated on yoga mats and blankets, knee to knee,  immersed in serenity, we were led through rituals by Tobie Szelagowski, LeeAnne Englert and Christine DiPilla. Chanting, lighting candles, one from the other, setting intention for releasing what no longer serves in our lives, calling in what we desire, immersing in water crystals we had each brought with us, planting marigold seeds and watering them with the crystal-infused liquid, seeing them blooming in the Spring. At the end of the circle which was both opened and closed with calling in the Four Directions, we reached into the bowl and pulled out a crystal that likely was not the one we brought with us. I came home with a small blue sodalite polished stone that it is said to enhance communication and creativity; both ideal for me. Spirit always knows.

In the stillness of my mind, which doesn’t occur often, I find myself musing about so many things. Most of the time, they are questions about how my life came to be as it is.  Much of it is spent feeling grateful for blessings that swirl around me. Magical meanderings into adventures that include travel, time with kindred spirits, music, nature, dance, drumming, nurturing touch. creative endeavors, yoga and fitness are all part of my regular life. And yet…there are still times when I am wistful. Events not happening fast enough, people not showing up when I want them to or how I want them to.

Learning to trust the change of heart necessary, the way I know that the change of seasons are inevitable.

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