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Birding front 092714 - Edited

An event of monumental proportions and horrific implications that lives in the collective consciousness of the planet, is the backdrop for this psycho-spiritual novel penned by Ithaca, New York based writer named J. Pierre Reville. September 11, 2001 is the date and the interwoven bi-coastal stories are shared by two parallel male characters named Joe and Pedro who may very well be each other’s doppleganger. One an introspective writer- bus driver in California who is married to Nadia; an artist with intense mood swings and physical challenges and the other a cynical office dwelling PR professional wed to Vera whose yogic sensibilities fly in the face of all that seems logical to Joe. Each of these men face tormenting inner doubt that is sometimes reflected in their relationships with their wives and the world. The reader has an intimate peek into the minds of these two outspoken narrators who learn of the terrorist attacks from various vantage points. Joe witnesses it from Ground Zero in NYC and Pedro long distance; also keeping in mind that he is on West Coast time, so that by the time he hears of it, three hours worth of chaos and destruction have already occurred cross country.

Wings play a powerful role in the book, with references to crashing airplanes and aviary beings mentioned in the title. Pedro’s passengers who have hired him to take them on a tour are ‘birders’ (birdwatchers) who at first are oblivious to the news and go about their business as though nothing else could possibly happen to change their worlds. When he meets Betty who is a non-birding spouse whose husband is among those on the bus, he discovers how resilient one can be in the face of all kinds of inconceivable terrors.

Pantheistic spiritual concepts are scattered throughout the pages like so many downy feathers on the wind. They initially appear in the prologue as the narrator identifies itself as one with many names, including the Rasta “I and I.” The stage is being set for the acts to unfold in conversation with the reader which has them extend their own spiritual wingspan.

Overlapping cosmically coincidental relationships come to the fore as Joey earns his wings by becoming someone’s angel when he comes to her rescue in the aftermath of the wanton destruction.

Birding in the Face of Terror is an epic tale that will carry the reader aloft for a long time.

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