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“Don’t die with your music still in you.”-Wayne Dyer

Another powerful dream this morning, the remnants of which linger as I am typing these words. I was in a rural setting with a group of adults and children. A mischievous little girl runs up to me and makes a comment about music and tells me that she is God who puts the words and sounds in our minds. Then, laughing, she scampers off.  I call over to her, “God, tell me more about this music.”  She shares with me that it is always in us and we have a choice of how to express it. Next, I hear one of my favorite classical pieces Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini that was featured in the film Somewhere in Time starring a very young Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. A romantic classic if ever there was one.  Waking up smiling for so many reasons.

I have long known that the Divine uses us as hollow reeds for expressing itself. Sometimes the sounds are sweet and serene and other times, noisy and cacophonous. We decide how to arrange the notes and whether we sing them out or keep them to ourselves. In a healing session earlier this week, my friend Darin Mazepa shared that although he knows words are important to me as a writer and speaker, they can also be an addiction. He pointed out that there needs to be silence between the words as well. True dat. If a musician played note on top of note on top of note, we might want to cover our ears against the din. When there are spaces in between, we can enjoy the sound and find it soul nourishing. Since then, I have been sitting in the silence, absorbing it. Saying less. Feeling more. Not a familiar place to be. Not a comfortable experience since I have often run away from feelings as if they were maniacal murderers. Strange for a therapist, huh?

At the moment, taking in the sound of the wind, the tip tap of my fingers on the keyboard. I am feeling my heartbeat. I am allowing for emotions to arise. Wonder and wondering. Questioning what awaits today. Have plans. Don’t we always and then sometimes they change on a whim….ours or that of Spirit. Are they one and the same?  Am I willing to be in the ‘just don’t know?’

All I can do is be in this everpresent now moment and sound out whatever tones come through. A spectacular symphony. A cosmic kirtan. A poignant prayer. o0o0o0o0o0o0o0mmmm~

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